Welcome to my website...
An eclectic estuary of efflorescent ephemera.

  For now, I've decided to primarily use this website as a portal to my other sites and weblogs, which are accessible from this page, and which have much more content. Just click the links (or copy and paste).
 Topics on this site include Photography, Music, and other subjects of current interest. New material may be added as time allows; your patience is appreciated while the site is under construction. While it is being developed you can view my weblogs at:

There are currently two viewable blogs- once you are at either one, the other can be accessed from my Profile page there (click on 'View my complete profile'). On that page there is an email link as well as a link back to this site.

  UPDATE - December 2011 - Due to time constraints I haven't had the opportunity to add content to this site. However, the weblogs both have ongoing additions. It's just easier and quicker to add to the blogs, so please check them out!                                                                      Copyright 2021. ipromark. All rights reserved.
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